Hi, I'm Lu!

I’m a Service Designer working in an insuretech company, creating new products & improving existing ones. I’m passionate about social innovation and sustainability.

My superpowers

I specialise in user research, prototyping, and testing. My background includes both freelance and in-house roles, equipping me to thrive in various environments and tackle different challenges confidently.

Research & testing

For the past four years, I’ve dived deep into user research, prototyping, and testing. I mix and match different methods to find insights, spot patterns, and discover opportunities creatively.


Since January, I’ve been the sole designer within the product innovation team, demonstrating my confidence and expertise in developing prototypes and working with engineers to deliver them.

Facilitating co-creation

I believe in the power of teamwork. I’m confident in leading and supporting teams, users, and stakeholders to ideate and create great design solutions together.

Product innovation

At Admiral, I've been creating new products—some hits, some misses. I thrive on the challenge of limited data, using prototyping, testing, and MVPs to learn and adapt quickly.